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Tips on landscaping for home security in Eau Claire

April 01, 2024
Home with new plants in mulch bed and wheelbarrow in yard

What will potential intruders think when they see your home’s landscape? Are you extending an invitation with poor lighting and untended bushes? Check out our suggestions on landscaping for home security in Eau Claire and find how you can enhance your property’s protection.

No. 1: Keep your Eau Claire yard under lights

A nicely illuminated property is a nuisance to intruders who would rather lurk in darkness. Evaluate your landscape to identify poorly lit spots, including the outer edges, where unwelcomed company will gain access. Integrate motion-sensing lighting around primary entry points like garages and back doors, or use less-intrusive lighting that stays on overnight.

You could put lights near pathways to help you see after dusk and brighten up your property. Accent lights next to retaining walls and trees reveal possible hiding places and add a designer touch.

No. 2: Keep up with regular maintenance

What do neatly manicured bushes, regularly cut grass, and immaculate mulch beds say about you? It’s an unmistakable signal that you heedful of your grounds and most likely to your home security. Prowlers are much less inclined to tresspass a well-groomed landscape with attentive occupants. Don’t let your home be more of a target by giving a poor impression.

No. 3: Install exterior cameras in Eau Claire

The last thing thieves would like to see perched around your home is a surveillance camera. The mere presence of video systems is enough to frighten off most opportunistic burglars. They are great for your safety and reassurance as you may review the footage whenever you like from the security app on your mobile device.

Your cameras may even be customized to work with additional smart devices, as you might have interior lights illuminate if a video camera finds a stranger approaching. When getting them installed, keep them high enough off the ground to avoid tampering and ensure they’re situated strategically.

No. 4: Make sure you have an unobstructed perspective

You should have a clear perspective at all times. When placing plants next to windows, verify that the mature height is three feet or less. Keep your plants pruned sensibly, and stay away from sizable bushes or hedges beside entrances like garages that may act as hiding spots. When designing, consider an open, uncluttered landscape that lets you see all parts of your yard.

No. 5: Consider thorny plant life when landscaping for security in Eau Claire

Add another layer of security with spiny, prickly, or thorny plants next to ground-floor windows. Potential prowlers will try to circumvent this defensive plant life and might be forced to target other main entries like front doors and garages, which are usually the most fortified. Just use caution when installing them, and avoid spots where kids play. And don’t forget to put your home security signage in a noticeable place to let thieves know your home is protected.

Install the best protection with a Vivint home security system in Eau Claire

The ideal companion to your well-maintained landscape is a Eau Claire home security system from Vivint. Include video surveillance, window and door sensors, motion sensors, and smart light bulbs into a full-featured plan. You can even implement automation, like having interior lights switch on if a camera detects an intruder lingering outside. Call (715) 419-6703 today to discuss your options and upgrade your security.